We're all in different places in our lives. Whether you're single, a young couple, middle-aged, a senior or widowed, Southside has a Sunday morning Bible study group that is sure to become one of your favorite places to gather during the week. Some classes focus on interpersonal issues while others do different themes throughout the year. Some study books of the Bible in depth. Browse through this list of classes and then come join in one at 8:45 AM on Sunday!

Lifeway MasterWork

MasterWork is a Bible study designed for adults who prefer deeper spiritual insight and
daily personal study. They are based on a variety of renowned authors’ works. 
Ladies, Room 138A, Teacher: Rebecca Kimble

Lifeway Bible Studies for Life

Helping people connect their lives to Scripture and become mature and wise in their faith. 
When you’re wrestling with issues and longing for wisdom, BSFL brings God’s Word
directly to your real life. You’ll find yourself saying, “This makes sense to me.”
Ladies, Room 140, Teacher: TBA

Lifeway Explore the Bible

Explore the Bible is designed to study one Bible book at a time. A structured, in-depth approach takes learners through all 66 books of the Bible in a sequential, eight-year plan. Within each two-year stage, the quarters alternate between the Old and New Testaments.
Coed, Portable 4, Teacher: Rip Patton
Coed, Room 136B, Teachers: Mize/Jones/Jones
Agape Class - Coed, Room 123, Teacher: Wayne Miller

Lifeway Access- Special Needs

Access illustrates God’s love and introduces Bible concepts to adults who have mental disabilities through stories, photographs, biblical teaching pictures, and activities.
Coed, Penguin Room, Teacher: Scott McCoy Sunday Nights 5:30-7:00 – Wednesday Nights 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Custom Classes

Leave & Cleave

This class is for married, engaged, and seriously dating couples ages 19-39. We have hopes to expand this ministry with small groups, marriage mentors, and mission and fellowship activities.
Portable 2, Teacher: Shannon McCaig


Discussions In Depth

Having recently studied the book of Romans and the first two chapters of Genesis, this adult group is taking a fresh, honest, and sensitive look at the book of Acts. This is not your typical party line class. Through guided in-class discussion, we are learning how to do church from the way the Lord worked with the early church. Along the way, we’ll learn about missions, evangelism, business meetings, miracles-signs-wonders, and what a life devoted to the Lord can look like.
Coed, Room 119, Teacher: Andy Sharples


Spiritual Warfare

As a group, we will spend the next eight weeks learning about and applying the truths of spiritual warfare to our lives. We will be going through Chip Ingram’s Invisible War conference series as well as the workbook.
Coed, Portable 1, Teacher: Hollis Bagley