To spearhead a ministry of reconciliation within our church, community, and world.

1. Reconcile man to God

2. Reconcile man to man

3. Reconcile man to himself



Purposely seeking ways to reconcile man to God, man to man, and man to himself.


Being Christ Centered – Lordship (Led by Prayer and the Word)

We value Christ in us and all that we strive to do.

Reconciliation – Outreach/Evangelism

  • We value People.
  • We value reaching out to our community.
  • We value reaching out to our world.

Growth – Discipleship

  • We value maturity in Christ
  • We purposely mentor believers into a mature relationship with Christ.
  • We value connecting people, their gifts and skills in ministry.

Family – Lasting Relationships (Fellowship and Care ministry)

  • As members of Southside we view one another as family.
  • We value lasting relationships.
  • We value caring and connecting with one another with a Christlike love.

To learn more about what we believe, talk to an elder or staff member.