For several years, Southside has been ministering to a portion of the medical community on a monthly basis. Every third Thursday of the month we deliver a small gift to the medical staff on duty on the Pediatric Floor and the Pediatric ICU at Huntsville Hospital Women’s and Children’s facility. These gifts include a short message of appreciation. We deliver between 45 and 50 gifts each month—this includes a morning delivery for the day shift and an evening delivery for the night shift.

Many different groups have helped to assemble and/or deliver the gifts over the years. Small groups, The Ladies Connection, Sunday School classes, as well as Children’s Ministry have all been involved. The nurses and other personnel have repeatedly said how very much they appreciate the thought behind the gifts.Some gifts are handmade and some are just treats that are fun and seasonally appropriate.

If you would like to participate in this ministry or have questions, please email Londa Hladky below.