A Graceful Mind


This is God’s design for each of us. Philippians 2:5 tells us “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus.” A graceful mind is a “God influenced mind.” Often people excuse selfishness, pride, or evil by claiming their rights. They think, “I can cheat on this test; after all, I deserve to pass this class,” or “I can spend all this money on myself—I worked hard for it,” or “I can hate or be angry at this person.  After all they hurt my feelings or did me wrong.” But as believers, we should have a different attitude, one that enables us to lay aside our rights in order to serve others. If we say we follow Christ, we must also say we want to live as he lived. We should develop his attitude and mindset of humility as we serve, even when we are not likely to get recognition for our efforts. Are you selfishly clinging to your rights, or are you willing to serve? A graceful mind is prepared for action. It is a mind that is totally consumed with the affairs of God. Think about that. Is your mind graceful? If not, why not? What about at work, in the market place, amongst your adversaries, in your home and in your private places of life? What does a graceful mind look like in a practical sense? How do we get this type of mindset? This Sunday we will explore the aspects of a graceful mindset and the impact that it is designed to have in our everyday lives. I pray that you will join us this Sunday for this extremely important message.

Pastor Michael

Passage : 1 Peter 1:10-19

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