Sitting at the King's Table

The Righteousness of Christ is like being invited to sit at the King’s table every day. The crazy thing is: you are not there as a guest, but you are there because the King says “You belong here.” As you sit at the table, serving upon serving of mercy and grace are laid before you. You keep wondering what did I do to deserve this and the King simply says “You accepted my invitation.” Once you truly understand the righteousness of Christ, your whole world changes. The best thing of all is that an amazing truth becomes clear to you. That truth is: “You don’t do to be righteous; you do because you are righteous." You have been empowered and impassioned to walk in who you are. I pray that you will join me this Sunday once again as we continue to journey into the beautiful depths of discovering more treasures of what it means to have attained the righteousness of Christ.

I love you all,

Pastor Michael