The Birth of the Super-Waiter

As a parent of five children I have had to endure the dreaded question and talk regarding “where do babies come from?” Since I am not a hippie, the answer to that question doesn’t flow as easily as saying “ahh, the birds, the bees, and flower pedals; my favorite topic.” Oh, I had practice that talk and read books. But when you are face to face with those bright eyes looking at you and you know how active their mind is; it’s enough to make you take a big gulp. The good news is this Sunday we are not going to be discussing where babies come from, but we are going to be talking about another form of birth that some people having a difficulty explaining or understanding. This Sunday we are going to talk about “the inception and birth of the deacon AKA “Super-Waiter.” Why are they needed and why are they vital to the survival and growth of the church and how do they differ from elders? In this message we are going to look at a few of the critical key responses that the New Testament Church makes which could end up deciding whether it will be a healthy growing biblical church or a church that becomes diseased with chronic pain and fatigue. Believe it or not, the inception and birth of deacons play a major role in this critical juncture. I pray you will join me this Sunday because this truly is a message for the whole church family. 

Love you all,

Pastor Michael