Not a Man Lost

Consider Deuteronomy 7:9 "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations ."

Moses begins with a simple statement to the Israelites (and us) "Your God is God".  Though simple, the import of this statement is powerful.  Our God, the one we possess and who possesses us is the only god.  Though Satan may roar and even do real damage in lives, he is no match for the "God of angel armies".  Satan is created; not a god or even a lesser god.  But not only is our God, the only God of matchless power, a faithful God, above and beyond that, He has a steadfast love for his people generation upon generation.  While we could endlessly explore adjectives for God, our God, today His faithfulness is in focus.

We can see in this verse that God never tires of or abandons those who love him.  God is faithful and blesses faithfulness, and not only for our sake, whether in the present or in heaven.  Moses promised that modern-day faithfulness brings blessing to those far removed from us by even a thousand generations!  We are now barely more than a hundred generations from Moses now, and think of how those biblical saints have blessed our lives in such relatively few generations (when compared with 1,000).  Think about how not only your life, but your prayer life could impact the generations after you.

For awhile now, I've periodically prayed what I've dubbed the "Not a man lost" prayer, which at first seemed like an audacious thing to ask, but after reading God's promise, maybe not so much.  The offered prayer is that every descendant of mine between now and the end of time, whether that's tomorrow or in a hundred thousand years, would walk with God.  That includes not just my children or grandchildren whom I know, but the great-great-great grandchildren of generations yet unborn, on and on until the final generation.  With faithful parenting and prayer, this can be real.  While I can't personally evangelize everyone, I can reach my children with the gospel.  I challenge you to begin to pray this for your own descendants and encourage your children to do the same when they are parents themselves.  Imagine an inter-generational prayer spanning thousands of years!  Ponder today how God, for the sake of our spiritual ancestors, loves us, and how on account of our godly lives, will love those a thousand generations from us (in AD 20,016).