Who’s in charge?

Many Christians have a warped sense of what it means to be a “Follower of Christ.” We think because we are believers we have the right to criticize any type of leadership that we deem as fallible.  The other day I saw a vehicle that had several Christian Bumper stickers on the back of it and next to those stickers were other stickers poking fun of and criticizing different political leaders. I thought to myself, “Do they actually think this is what Jesus has commanded us to do and how we are to represent Him?” We don’t only criticize politicians. We criticize local authorities, teachers, church leaders, parents, spouses, bosses, etc. We believe we have a right to do this because “we believe” that they are not measuring up to God’s standards as we perceive those standards to be. Is this thinking wrong? If so, why is this thinking wrong? If it is wrong, how harmful can it be? The answer is extremely harmful. The way we see authority, honor authority, and submit to authority determines the soundness of our faith infrastructure.

Faith is all about recognizing, honoring, and submitting to authority. This Sunday we are going to look at three to four different ways that we see people view authority in scripture. We will look at the way they understood and honored authority and how it impacted God’s interaction with them. Please join me for this extremely important message that has the possibility of changing the way we read God’s word. Hope to see you at the celebration service.

Love you all,

Pastor Michael