Who’s in Charge: the Difficult but Good Stuff

I don’t know about any of you but I often wonder what I might be missing because of my lack of faith. I often struggle with wondering how much more God wants me to trust in Him and His ability to change lives, situations, and circumstances. I often wonder how I limit God’s activity in my life because of the control that I desire to have on my life, my thoughts, my tongue, emotions, and rights. What if I consciously moment by moment told our Lord; "Supreme Master, I yield. Supreme Master, I trust beyond my sight, rationale, and understanding. Lord, my heart is in complete compliance and expectation of your will being done in me, through me, and by me as you direct." I confess that I battle with my selfish desires more than I like to admit. But I am eagerly pressing in to have all that I am foolishly and whole heartedly submitted to my Lord, even if it looks like it is to my peril. I live for Him and His Kingdom. I pray you join me this Sunday as we seek to live recklessly secure and confident in Him. 

Love you all,

Pastor Michael