His Work, His Will, His Way

Often times we want to see God at work in our lives, in our families, in our church and in our community. We often get frustrated when we don’t see results. We scratch our heads and wonder why. Most of the time the problem lies with us. This problem tends to be a universal church problem; but in some church bodies it is so prevalent that it almost makes them completely useless as a light to a lost and dying world. As you look at scripture there is literally one certain thing that guarantees success and growth in a local body. On the flip side there is also one glaring thing that, if it is not dealt with, will not only destroy us as individuals but drastically cripple Christ’s Body. I pray that you will join me for this very crucial message. It is a message that the Lord has been stirring and building in me for around 8 weeks. He has now matured it enough in me to speak. I am not over-dramatizing it. It is that serious. I pray that we will all be present for this very important message. Also, I would greatly appreciate your prayers for me as I continue to lay myself before the Lord to speak His message. I love you all. I hope to see you this Sunday.

Pastor Michael