Parenting with God in Mind

It’s so odd for me to think that probably two of the most difficult things to “master” for us as believers are the art of marriage and the art of parenting. For those interested, Family Life Ministries has great materials on both of these topics. Marriage and parenting are two things that most of us will do as Christians. The unfortunate thing is it is also something that many of us will find ourselves failing at as well. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we have failed until years later when we see the fruit of what we have or have not sown. So, what do we do? The answer is pretty simple really; we go back and look at all the instructions and examples that the Bible gives on these particular issues. That is why this Mother’s Day we will focus on “How to Parent with God in Mind.” However, we will do it with the purpose of gaining true understanding and obedience. I encourage you to join me this week as we look at a very unique passage that gives clear steps to parenting with a purpose. If you are not a parent of biological children or adopted children, please don’t think this excludes you. This message has aspects that definitely pertain to you as well and your role in raising godly children in an increasingly godless generation. I hope to see you all there this Sunday as we tackle this vital topic.

Love you all,

Pastor Michael Walker