Godly Character + Integrity = Zoe

Why does godly character matter? It matters because it affects your true potential. Family it is imperative that we realize that our character and integrity are our destiny. Character is who God made us and empowered us to be. Integrity of heart is our intimate relationship with Christ that functions as the vehicle which daily sustains us in walking in our full potential. Please read this prayerfully as I explain this in more detail.

Divine power and knowing God is the epitome of a symbiotic relationship. Here is an example: character is the cup and integrity is the condition of the cup. Integrity determines the reliability; a cup without major cracks or flaws that could keep the cup from being useful. Godly character is who you are or who you are designed to be. Integrity determines the reliability or consistency of who you are. A true relationship with God is what gives us the ability to have the integrity or the consistency and reliability of being a godly person (a person of godly character). God’s divine power gives us the power to be godly. Knowing God is the integrity aspect that sustains us and helps us to grow in godliness.

Character is the foundation of trust that makes us people of faith and grants God’s divine power access into our lives which brings forth transformation.  Character has been defined as one’s total personality. The difference between integrity and character is that integrity is character in the heart which is a true relationship with Christ.  Family this is one of the reasons that many children which grow up in a Christian home fail to live for the Lord. They have had Christian rules and godly character traits imposed on them but lack a true heart connection with Christ.

We must also realize that the devil is neither omniscient nor omnipresent, but he is a good judge of character.  He will look at the character weaknesses in our lives to see where he can do his work, which is “to steal, kill, and destroy”- John 10:9-10.  Every spiritual issue is a heart issue, we must do the will of God from the heart. Ephesians 6:6 says “Not with eyeservice, as men pleasers; but as the servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.” Then we can live our potential as God has designed and empowered us to be and do. Picture it like this; you are a beautifully unique one of a kind handcrafted spiritual and living soul made in God’s image for His purpose. We were lost but we have been redeemed and reborn to this nature through Christ. We have been established and guaranteed success to walk in this nature and purpose via God’s divine power but in order to daily walk in this potential we must be intimately connected in relationship with Him daily. Our Heavenly Father loves us, desires us, and has great plans for us in the family business. Dear family I pray you join me this Sunday as we dive deeper into this important topic. Look forward to seeing you.

Pastor Michael