Shadow and Substance

A brief look in a dictionary will give an assortment of definitions for the word “shadow.” It could refer to partial darkness or obscurity of light, a reflected image, an imperfect or faint representation, an imitation of something, or many other such definitions. One of my favorite examples of a shadow happens when we witness an eclipse, either solar or lunar. But what is it that Paul means when he refers to a “shadow of things to come?” 

 In our time together this Sunday morning, we will both experience a shadow and discuss how these shadows are important for our understanding and obedient living of the Christian life. We will participate in an observance of the Lord’s Supper, both a reflection backward and an anticipation of the future. We will also, by God’s grace and mercy, continue our study in the book of Colossians and seek to apply a greater understanding of “shadow” and “substance” in how we interact with other Christ-followers and those who do not yet know Christ.