So many of the things we want to be able to do in life come with necessary qualifications and requirements. In academics, there are prerequisite courses to establish the qualification to take advanced classes. One must pass examinations to establish legal qualification to drive a motor vehicle. When applying for a job, there exists a list of qualifications necessary to be considered a viable candidate. In competitive sports, there are rules and regulations which, if violated, can result in disqualification from competing. The list could go on.

 The previous examples have at least the following in common: Someone is in a position of authority and responsibility to establish and enforce those qualifications. Such a position inherently means someone has the right and responsibility to declare someone as disqualified. What about the qualifications of living a Christian life? Paul’s letter to the Colossians suggests that someone at least thought they had the right and responsibility to evaluate the qualifications of followers of Christ. But did they really? How were the Colossian Christians supposed to respond? What about today? Are we responsible for evaluating other believers’ qualification as Christians? If someone is evaluating us, how do we respond?

 This Sunday we will look into Colossians 2:16-23 with a focus on this idea of qualified/disqualified to pursue Christ. See you then!